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At SA Utility Detectors Health & Safety is our main concern. In order to reduce the risk of utility strikes for our Clients and Contractors, we offer a cross cut service that exposes all utilities for visual inspection and 100% locational accuracy.

CAD & GIS Mapping

As-built AutoCAD drawings is generated for detailed 2D drawings of underground utility networks. Any layout or survey drawing of the client’s choice is used to overlay the utility drawing.


Underground services and manholes are marked, numbered and colour coded, making it easy for stakeholders to visualise.

Underground Survey Reports

Underground survey reports consists of necessary information regarding all site specific utilities.

Underground Utility Detection

Locating, identifying, and mapping underground services with a combination of non-destructive technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI).

Environmental Responsibility

Preventing damage to underground utilities also helps protect the environment. Leaks or contamination from damaged water or sewage lines can have severe environmental consequences. Utility detectors help mitigate these risks.