Subsurface utility mapping can prevent damage caused to existing services during excavation, which will avoid substantial costs and time delays.

The benefits extend further than the prevention of utility strikes and the reduced health & safety risk. Utility drawings is a major asset for future maintenance, and it provides industry professionals with the information required when planning the integration of new and existing utilities.

The value created by our services will not only benefit our Clients financially, but will also improve programme management, risk management and the overall success of a project.


Services We Offer

Underground Utility Detection
Locating, identifying, and mapping underground services with a combination of non-destructive techno...
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CAD & GIS Mapping
As-built AutoCAD drawings is generated for detailed 2D drawings of underground utility networks. An
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On-Site Utility Demarcation
Underground services and manholes are marked, numbered and colour coded, making it easy for stakehol...
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Underground Survey Reports
Underground survey reports consists of necessary information regarding all site specific utilities. ...
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Cross Cuts
At SA Utility Detectors Health & Safety is our main concern. In order to reduce the risk of uti...
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