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SA Utility Detectors (SAUD) was founded with a clear mission: to deliver exceptional utility detection and mapping services that benefit our valued Clients.

Our organization’s core strength derives from the expertise and unwavering commitment of our Directors, who employ meticulous methodologies and hands-on techniques for subsurface utility surveying.

At SAUD, our specialty lies in the realm of Underground Utility Detection, utilizing advanced non-destructive technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI). Additionally, we provide comprehensive services encompassing the creation of as-built CAD drawings and GIS utility mapping.

SAUD holds a distinct competitive advantage within the utility detection industry. We offer an invaluable value proposition, distinguished by our superior workmanship and the exceptional quality of our deliverables.

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Utility detectors, often referred to as utility locators or underground utility detectors, are essential tools used for various purposes. The primary reason for using SA (Situational Awareness) utility detectors is to locate and identify underground utilities and infrastructure before excavation or construction activities. Here are some key reasons why they are used:


One of the primary reasons for using utility detectors is to enhance safety. Unintentional damage to underground utilities like gas lines, electrical cables, water pipes, or sewage systems can result in hazardous situations, including gas leaks, electrocution, or environmental contamination. By accurately locating these utilities, the risk of accidents and injuries is significantly reduced.

Cost Savings:

Damaging underground utilities during construction or excavation can be costly to repair. Repairing or replacing damaged utilities can lead to project delays, fines, and increased expenses. By identifying the precise locations of utilities beforehand, costly repairs and delays can be avoided.


Utility detectors improve project efficiency by allowing construction crews to plan their work around existing utilities. They can design excavation and construction activities to avoid utility lines, reducing the need for work stoppages and alterations to initial project plans.


In many areas, there are regulations and laws that require contractors and construction companies to locate and protect underground utilities before digging. Using utility detectors helps companies comply with these regulations and avoid legal issues.

Environmental Protection:

Preventing damage to underground utilities also helps protect the environment. Leaks or contamination from damaged water or sewage lines can have severe environmental consequences. Utility detectors help mitigate these risks.

Minimizing Disruptions:

For utility providers and municipalities, using utility detectors helps minimize disruptions to services. Accurate utility location allows for planned maintenance or repairs, reducing unexpected service outages for customers.

Data Accuracy:

Modern utility detectors provide precise information about the depth, type, and location of underground utilities. This data is crucial for construction planning and ensuring that utilities are not disturbed during excavation.

Infrastructure Planning:

Utility detection is not limited to construction projects. City planners and utility companies use this technology to map and plan for future infrastructure developments, upgrades, and maintenance.

Don't dig blindly; dig smart with SA Utility Detectors!

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